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Hayley Marshal

Hayley has an impressive playing background having played for both Manchester United & Manchester City! Hayley is currently playing in the National Premier League team UNSW. She has shared a pitch with many of England's Lionesses. Hayley is a great role model for the young players and is not only a coach but someone to aspire to be like, as not so long ago she was in their boots.
Hayley first found her love and passion for coaching when she was 16 years old. Hayley has now been coaching for 9 years and is an outstanding individual. Hayley's drive and passion for coaching is electric and some would say contagious from the minute you meet her. Hayley's genuine and honest approach is by far her greatest quality and something that has quite clearly kept players coming back year in, year out.
Luiz Sauer

Luiz's advice to young players is that they must believe in their capability to improve their skills and knowledge of the game every day. It is important to not compare themselves to other people because everyone has their own process of development and different things to improve. Also, ability comes with a lot of practice and repetitions so if you want to get better as a soccer player or anything in life, be patient with your process and keep your focus on the skill or activity that you need or want to be better at.
Hannah Massey

Hannah is a great asset to the Academy 11 team, she is a bright, passionate and enthusiastic professional, her dedication to growing youth in football is truly inspiring. Hannah came to Academy 11 after finishing SEDA College Sydney FC Coaching Program. We are excited to watch her grow as a coach with our team.

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